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Merfyn Williams recalls.....

"...Regarding the lady who was murdered in 1945, she was NOT a teacher at Coedpoeth
Infants School as stated. She was in charge of Frondeg school at the Wern which
was a one teacher school.
     I know this because my mother went to take her place on a temporary basis until
a new appointment was made. My father had a special grant of petrol coupons to
take and fetch her each day from Coedpoeth.
    Mrs. Evans's mother lived at the City Arms pub and Mrs. Evans used to walk there
each Saturday night to stay there. At the time I was a choir boy at St. Tydfil's
Church just a stone's throw away. We got to know about it during the morning
service,  It was very sensational for those more innocent and parochial days.
   There was local knowledge of the investigations and near certainty as to who was
responsible. However due to shifting movements of the military at that time it
was perhaps too difficult to prove and arrest.  Investigations at that time, even
with Scotland Yard's help a few days later, were primitive compared with the
present time.
     The investigations were centred at the Police Station in Assembly Road, and it
was also the base of the A.R.P wardens who made patrols from there. Also in the
village at the time were the Home Guard, Fire Guard, Observation Officers
(Aircraft Spotters), and First Aiders, all giving 24 hour cover."